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About Sensory Toys for Autism

Thanks for visiting us. We started this business to help support our daughter who began having seizures at around 12 months old. As the years have progressed we have deeply committed to supporting and bringing awareness for autistic children and those with sensory processing disorder and special needs. The entire sensory experience has been amazing to learn, and what originally was a shock to us, has turned into a blessing in disguise.

We continually update available products here based on what our daughter loves to play with and what our peers in the sensory processing disorder community and autism community share with us. In fact, we’re constantly asking the various therapists about their most effective toys and the toys that just provide the best experience for their patients.

Only those with first hand experience truly understand the importance of sensory input for kids with sensory processing disorder or those on the autism spectrum. It’s amazing how something as simple as a bean bags, putty, a weighted blanket, or other sensory toys and fidget toys can have such a strong effect on helping a child calm down, cope, and improve their social interactions.

Clearly not every child is the same, but we have had great luck with consistently providing sensory input for our daughter and started this store to help others find the same kind of autism toys that have worked so well for us.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading about what’s worked for us and many others and take the opportunity to expand on the types of sensory input you’re helping your children with.

About Drew, Autism Dad & Co-Founder

Drew is a proud autism dad and along with his beautiful wife, co-founder of sensorytoysforautism.com, a website dedicated to providing resources for parents with children on the autism spectrum and with sensory processing disorder.

As a father of an autistic & special needs child, Drew has firsthand experience in the challenges that come with raising neurodiverse children while also running a business.

Through his passion for helping others, Drew has created a platform that offers a variety of tools and information to support other families with autistic kids. As an autism parent, he regularly shares his insights on his blog and is working to build the go-to source for those seeking practical advice on everything from autism awareness to mental health, and self-care for those with ADHD and sensory processing disorder.

His advocacy for special needs parents, autism acceptance, and the broader autism community has extended to social media, where he uses his platform to raise awareness and promote dialogue.

As a proud dad, Drew understands the importance of being present in his children’s lives while also pursuing his passions in the insurance business. His journey as a dad of three, one with epilepsy and the autism spectrum, has taught him the value of fatherhood and the need for real-life solutions.

He’s hoping to launch a podcast sometime this year, but wants to make sure and have enough helpful content to really make an impact in the community of parents with an autistic child.

Through his work with sensorytoysforautism.com, Drew has provided a space for parents to find the resources they need to support their children in the special needs community.