We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym [2023 Review]

As parents to a child with autism, we felt it necessary to include one of the largest businesses that caters to kids on the spectrum to our list of reviews. We’ll not only cover basics about the company, but our personal experience.

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is an indoor playground that caters to children of all abilities, including those with special needs, sensory issues, and autism.

The gym is designed to provide a fun environment for children to play, develop social skills, and build confidence. We have found our daughter loves to transition from the coloring areas in the corners to the sensory swings that are commonly located in the middle of the room at many of the locations. She’s even recently really enjoyed testing her strength on the monkey bars. 🙂

The franchise has various locations throughout the United States, including Tarzana, California.

We Rock The Spectrum Services

  • Open Play
  • Birthday parties
  • Rentals
  • Open play membership (we haven’t tried the open play yet)

We Rock the Spectrum Open Play

From what we read and spoke to the owners about here locally, the open play seems to be divided into two age groups, typical 3-7 and typical 2-4, and allows kids to explore the gym’s various play equipment such as a trampoline, zip line, arts & crafts, and dress up area. The location near our house has first responder uniforms which our kids love when they see the fire truck go by!

The open play membership provides unlimited access to the gym during business hours, making it an ideal option for families with kids who enjoy frequent visits. We haven’t taken advantage of the open play membership yet, but have thoroughly enjoyed being able spontaneously take an adventure with our kiddos. Rainy days are the best for us.

Birthday parties are also available, with party packages that include exclusive use of the gym, staff assistance, and various party favors (ordered in advance). The Rock Basic party package is designed for a typical 1-3 year old, while the Rock Star package is ideal for children who enjoy more adventurous play.

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is also known for its dedication to children with special needs. The gym’s founder, Dina Kimmel, created the gym in 2010 after struggling to find a safe and welcoming place for her son with autism to play. Today, the gym is a place where children of all abilities can have a lot of fun while also receiving the support and accommodations they need.

Calming Room

One unique feature of the gym is the Calming Room, which is designed for children who need a break from sensory overload. This has been something we have personally used and it’s been such a great perk to our visits. Pretty amazing how something so simple can be so effective! At our location it’s located next to the restrooms near the arts and crafts corner, which is already a less populated part of the gym.

The room is equipped with special lighting, bean bag chairs that our daughter loves to squeeze, and a variety of additional sensory toys that help regulate emotions and sensory input.

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym also partners with Atak Interactive to provide an interactive experience for children. Atak Interactive’s software uses motion sensors to create an interactive play experience for children, promoting physical activity and play in a safe and controlled environment.

About We Rock the Spectrum

The franchise seems to be extremely well-received by parents and caregivers, with many praising the gym’s commitment to children of all abilities.

In fact, we keep seeing this phrases on many of the other reviews we have read over the years.

Finally a place where you never have to say i’m sorry.

Tons of Online Reviews 🙂

We checked out reviews on Facebook and many seem highlight the fun environment, the lot of fun kids of all abilities have, and the sentiment that “finally, a place where you never have to say I’m sorry.” Jim M. notes that We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is “a great place for kids to have fun and learn,” while Monique F. praises the gym for its “inclusive and welcoming environment.”

In addition to providing a fun place for children to play, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym also gives back to the community through the My Brother Rocks the Spectrum Foundation. The foundation raises funds to provide gym memberships to families with children with special needs who cannot afford them.

We Rock the Spectrum Locations

As of 2023, they show there are 122 locations across 27 states in the United States and 8 countries.

You can see the full list of locations here.


If you have a location near you, we highly recommend it! Even during the mask mandates, they were incredibly accommodating for our entire family, not just our daughter on the autism spectrum.

There isn’t a lot we don’t love about WRTS, but if I had to pick I would say it’s more of an inconvenience than a dislike, and frankly it’s not even that. If you show up after a private party, sometimes you have to wait longer than normal because they are cleaning the equipment (I feel bad even writing that, but with a child with autism sitting in the parking lot, things tend to get heated when we can’t unload and go into one of her favorite places in the world!)

Our experience has been great from the first time to many since!

Overall, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is a valuable resource for families with special needs children who want to foster their child’s development and play in a supportive and inclusive environment. They have a wide variety of sensory tools and stim toys and we have had an incredible experience.

Families who want to get directions or learn more about the gym can visit their website or check Facebook for updates on grand openings and new locations.

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