The Benefits of Pop Tubes for Kids with Autism

Pop tubes are a fun, engaging toy that can be used to help children with autism. These colorful, plastic tubes create a variety of sounds when the ends are connected and pulled apart. They can be used in a variety of ways to help children with autism learn sound discrimination and auditory processing skills. Let’s explore some of the benefits that pop tubes can provide for kids with autism.

Sensory Stimulation

Pop tubes provide sensory stimulation that can be beneficial for children with autism. As the child plays with the pop tube and pulls it apart, they will experience varying levels of sound, vibration, and pressure that can help them stay engaged in an activity. This is important because many children on the autism spectrum struggle to stay focused on activities for long periods of time. The sensory input from the pop tube helps keep their attention focused and their body relaxed while playing.

Auditory Processing Skills

Pop tubes allow children to practice auditory processing skills as they experiment with different sounds produced by pulling the two ends together or apart at different speeds or pressures. This helps them develop sound discrimination skills which will ultimately lead to better understanding speech patterns. Additionally, since there are several versions of pop tubes available in different colors and sizes, each producing unique sounds when pulled apart or together, kids have the ability to create their own melodies or rhythms as they play which encourages creativity while also helping them learn how to listen carefully in order to identify distinct pitches and tones.

Social Communication Skills

Playing with pop tubes is also helpful for developing social communication skills as well as language skills. When kids play together using these toys they learn how to share space and take turns using them which develops cooperative play skills. They also get a chance to practice language by discussing what type of sounds each tube makes as well as expressing their feelings about their experiences playing together through conversation or singing songs related to the various sounds produced by the toy itself . This kind of interactive play can encourage creative thinking while also teaching important social-emotional lessons such as patience, turn-taking, listening, respect for others’ ideas, etc..


Pop tubes are a great way for parents of kids with autism to encourage learning opportunities while providing sensory stimulation at home or in therapy settings. By helping kids develop auditory processing skills while also promoting social communication skills through interactive playtime activities, this fun toy can make a big difference in their development over time! Parents should consider investing in some pop tubes if they want an engaging way to help build these crucial life skills in their child!

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